Night and Day – Episode 3


This is a very strange elevator. It doesn’t go up and down, it spins. Fast. It reminds me of the old Equinox lounge at the top of the Hyatt Regency — a glass-enclosed bar in the Embarcadero that rotated very slowly to provide stunning 360-degree views of San Francisco.

Except that this circular elevator is moving at warp speed.

Larry is looking at some new technology on his laptop. One of the engineers just showed this thing to him and he is pretty excited about it. Before you know it, there is a salesman in the room. They move to a small conference room while they talk excitedly.

Alone, I start looking around the room and notice a really cool gym bag. It is light and practical and perfect for the Y, so I check to see how many inner pockets it has. (Because that’s what girls do!)

It is orange and yellow and white. Nice! But it looks expensive so I put it back down.

When Larry returns, he picks up something for himself in the shop, and he also buys the gym bag. “You should have this,” he says as he hands me the gym bag.

It symbolizes freedom to me.


I quit my job.


If you want to know what that feels like,  watch this clip of Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic leap from the edge of space.

My parachute has opened.

— DJ

Night and Day is an online journal that contrasts my dreams with my daytime activities. I refer to these posts as episodes because I only recall my dreams sporadically, and because they are at best loosely connected to my days.