Night and Day — Episode 6


It’s morning. The light seems to stream sideways across the never-ending landscape.

No clouds today.

We are flying low. Just above the treetops. Gliding actually. I have a window seat on the left-hand side of the plane, so I have a view of the winding river estuary filled with brackish water and yellow-green treetops as we slip along the interconnected trails of gently flowing waters.

I can see for miles.


The Sun Microsystems reunion is today at the old Mountain View campus. I have only one group photo in my archives from all my years at Sun. This was taken at Sun headquarters in Menlo Park (now Facebook) after the launch of Project Blackbox back in 2006. What made Sun so great? It was the people.


Scott McNealy really cared about the employees, and his farewell message from 2010 captures his thinking as well as his sentiment. I know a lot employees replied to Scott that night after reading his good-bye email, myself included. I am pretty sure that he stayed up all night answering all those employee emails.

His reply, “You’re the best.”


Night and Day is an online journal that contrasts my dreams with my daytime activities. I refer to these posts as episodes because I only recall my dreams sporadically, and because they are at best loosely connected to my days.